One Room Challenge Week 7: The Reveal

November 16, 2017

It’s reveal day for the One Room Challenge!!! I am so happy to say we are completely finished with our laundry room on time! This was not the case last year when we completed our hall bath for the One Room Challenge… which you can catch up on here in case you missed it!

 If you are new around here, we completed revamped our laundry room (which is also our pantry and what we call our “dog room”) for this 7 week challenge. You can catch up on week 1 hereweek 2 hereweek 3 hereweek 4 hereweek 5 here, and week 6 here.

I know why you all are here… to see the pretty pictures! Just as a reminder here’s what we started with: a blank slate with no character or function.

Here is our brand spankin’ new laundry room in all its (pretty & super functional) glory.

We now have much needed hidden and open storage!! The new counter top spaces next to the washer/dryer and under the window really provide so much function that we were kicking ourselves for not adding something like this sooner! Now our laundry room is more of a laundry room/butler’s pantry… which sounds more fancy than what it is, but I love it! I am no longer embarrassed if someone walks in this room, which is a huge improvement.

These faux marble laminate counters we got from Ikea really add in a lot of function and they look pretty. They have enough veining/variation that from a distance they truly don’t look like laminate, but for our laundry room (and our wallets) I am 100% okay with not having real marble in here.

I stuck to a fairly simple color palette of white and gray with black and gold accents. At the last minute (after I repainted the floor from stenciled to a light warm/creamy gray – this deserves it’s own post) I decided the room still needed a bit more color so I added this beautiful rug that previously lived in our bedroom that just happened to be a perfect fit for the space! Plus our one of our dogs is a veryyyyy messy water drinker so this rug will help contain and hide her messes so we don’t get water everywhere like we used to.

Speaking of dogs… we had planned to put in a built in dog feeding station below the left side of the counter (where the step stool is in the picture above). We tested our dogs eating there before we built a feeding station into the space and we are so glad we did! As it turns out our dogs do not like to eat with anything above their heads (like the counter) so that space will not work for their feeding area. Instead I purchased white cabinet plate stackers to serve as an elevated dog feeding station instead  and moved it out from under the counter (not under the counter like I had planned). This still works and also allows for us to store their food and the step stool (for my short self) under the counter.

That about wraps up the tour of our laundry room! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Be sure to check out the other guest participants here… the spaces are just stunning! Thanks to Linda from Calling it Home from putting this amazing event on!!



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