One Room Challenge Week 5: Hall Bath

November 3, 2016

One more week left in the One Room Challenge. I can hardly believe it. How have 5 weeks already gone by?

Half Bath

We didn’t get quite as far this week as I was hoping, but we still have one more week left to pull everything together thank goodness. This past week we primed (only one coat of primer and I wish I had done one more), painted the planks (2 coats of paint) and painted the walls (1 coat of paint). The planks may need one more coat of paint, I am waiting to see what they look like after they dry a bit more since I just did the latest coat tonight. The top portion of the walls definitely need one more coat of paint, but you can get the idea of the the finished color will look like. The first coat went up about two hours ago. Nothing like waiting until the last minute 🙂 It’s definitely still went in the pictures.

Half Bath

Half Bath

We did not go with the color we initially planned to for the top portion of the walls. Originally I wanted Silver Crest (Benjamin Moore). This is the color we painted our laundry room and it is very soothing and relaxing to me. It also feels very clean. After painting the planks Simply White, which is the same color we have painted all of our trim, and seeing how much that really brightened up the room Nathan wanted something darker, with more contrast on top. We ended up choosing Hale Navy (Benjamin Moore). Even though it definitely needs a second coat, we LOVE it. Just the white planks and blue walls together reads more nautical than what we care for, but once we get all of the fixtures and accessories in I hope it will have more of the feel we are going for.

We have a lot to finish in the next week. Fingers crossed we can knock it all out!

  • New flooring
  • Prime entire room
  • Install plank wall treatment ¾ up the walls
  • Paint or stencil the top ¼ of the walls
  • Install pedestal sink & faucet
  • Install toilet
  • Install new shelves in linen closet
  • Install new door knobs
  • Convert recessed light to pendant light
  • Install new light fixture
  • Paint & hang mirror
  • Install toilet paper holder & towel bar
  • New rug
  • Hang artwork


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