One Room Challenge Week 3: Hall Bath

October 20, 2016

It’s week three of the One Room Challenge for our hall bath! Things are coming along, although visually not too much has changed.

Hall Bath

Hall Bath

This week we worked on installing the plank walls using plywood underlayment that we had ripped down to 8 inch planks at Home Depot and our trusty nail gun. We only got about halfway done because we realized we needed to borrow a table saw to rip the bottom boards down smaller than 8 inches to fit and a jigsaw to cut the holes for the plumbing and electrical outlets. So we paused on the plank wall installation, but are planning to pick it back up this weekend. If we had started installing the planks at the bottom (always making sure the first plank is level) and worked our way up instead we wouldn’t have had to rip the bottom board down more. If we had thought about that for about 1 more second we would have realized it before we started installing, but oh well, lesson learned.

Home Depot - KOHLER Cimarron

source: Home Depot

Toilets are not the most exciting part of a bathroom, but we were excited to get rid of our old behemoth of a toilet and replace it with something smaller. This past weekend we picked out this toilet from Home Depot. We wanted one that had clean lines that would work well with the pedestal sink we ordered and this one fit the bill.

Target - Threshold Kitchen Rug Cool Floral

source: Target

I have been searching and searching for the perfect vintage rug for this room that doesn’t cost a whole paycheck to no avail. This bathroom is long and narrow so I wanted a rug that would fit in front of the sink and toilet lengthwise, which meant it had to be right around 2”x4”. After much searching, I admitted defeat on finding a vintage rug for this bathroom, maybe someday I’ll come across the perfect one, and began searching elsewhere. I came across this rug from Target and immediately knew it was the right one. Luckily Nathan really liked it too so I knew it was a winner (he likes floral prints a lot which might be shocking to some, but it’s very true).

A lot of the bigger items we have ordered for this room (sink, faucet, light, & rug) should be coming in later this week or early next week so we can get them installed soon and once all the little details come together too I know it will make a huge difference. I can’t wait!

Here’s what we have left to do:

  • New flooring
  • Prime entire room
  • Install plank wall treatment ¾ up the walls
  • Paint or stencil the top ¼ of the walls
  • Install pedestal sink & faucet
  • Install toilet
  • Install new shelves in linen closet
  • Install new door knobs
  • Convert recessed light to pendant light
  • Install new light fixture
  • Paint & hang mirror
  • Install toilet paper holder & towel bar
  • New rug
  • Hang artwork

Be sure to check out all of the other great participant’s and the progress they have made!


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