One Room Challenge Week 2: Hall Bath

October 13, 2016

It’s the second week of the One Room Challenge! If you missed out on the first week you can check it out here.

We are making progress in the hall bath. This past week we had new hardwood flooring installed in the bathroom (as well as a majority of the main level of the house). We decided to go ahead and run the hardwoods into the bathroom because there is no shower/tub in the bathroom so we don’t have to worry as much about moisture issues with the hardwoods and we really liked the seamless look from the hallway into the bathroom. We know we will have to be cautious and watch for leaks that would damage the flooring hopefully that doesn’t happen, but you never know. For the entire main level of our house, except the kitchen and our master bath, we decided to go with the Cobblestone Creek – Urban Barn product that we ordered through a local flooring company. We LOVE our new hardwoods. It may seem silly to some, but words cannot describe how happy I am to have these floors in. We were overzealous and ripped out most of our flooring not too long after we moved in so we were living with dirty subfloors for way too long, but it has made us appreciate our new floors all that much more!

Hall Bath

After the flooring was installed I primed the entire room, including the main door and the door to the linen closet inside the bathroom.

Hall Bath

Now we are ready to add the plank wall treatment and paint! We have also ordered most of the products we plan to use, the only item that we have left is finding a rug. I have scoured eBay for a vintage rug, but I am waiting for the right one to pop up. For reference, below is the mood board, including most of the elements we plan to bring into the room.

Hall Bath - Mood Boardmirror | faucet | pedestal sink | picture frames | light | hardwoods | rug

The mirror linked above is not the actual mirror I will be using, but it was the inspiration piece I found. Also, the link for the rug is where I plan to buy the rug from. They have tons of great vintage and vintage inspired rugs at reasonable prices!

Arched Mirror

I was lucky and happened across a mirror of the exact shape as the mirror above HomeGoods for $40. A steal compared to everything else I saw online. It does have a mercury glass finish, which I like but did not want for this room and is cracked at the top (it was sold as is), but I figured I wanted to spray paint it black anyway so I’m hoping you won’t be able to see the crack after it’s painted. Even though we are  making progress, there is still so much that we need to do!

Here’s a list of everything we have left for the room:

  • New flooring
  • Prime entire room
  • Install plank wall treatment ¾ up the walls
  • Paint or stencil the top ¼ of the walls
  • Install pedestal sink & faucet
  • Install toilet
  • Install new shelves in linen closet
  • Install new door knobs
  • Convert recessed light to pendant light
  • Install new light fixture
  • Paint & hang mirror
  • Install toilet paper holder & towel bar
  • New rug
  • Hang artwork

Yikes! Seems like a lot, but I know once we get the walls planked next week and can install the fixtures it should move quickly. We are very excited to see this room start to come together!

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