Friday 5 (vol. 9)

January 5, 2018

Welcome to The Friday 5 for this week where I share interior design ideas,  home decor inspiration, DIY, products I am loving, and organization tips and tricks… and really anything else as it comes to mind!

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With the new year organization is always on my mind. It’s a good time to start fresh and address any problem areas you may have in your house. Our pantry is not a problem area by any means, but since we renovated our laundry room/pantry for the One Room Challenge (you can check out the reveal here!) the shelves have become a bit of a mess. We have baskets corralling like items (a snack basket, a baking basket, etc.), but you can’t see through the baskets and as a result items have been getting lost, forgotten, and going bad, which means we have had to throw some things out, which we try to avoid at all possible. After realizing this I have been on the lookout for some baskets that are more “see-through” but also still pretty. I love these baskets and they feel just perfect for a pantry. You can find them here.


Along the pantry organization topic, I recently read a blog post by Chris Loves Julia where Julia talks about organizing all of their cleaning supplies and in the post she specifically mentions using lazy susans for organize cleaning items, I mean, why hadn’t I thought of that before?! Genius. Then it made me think of everything else I could use lazy susans for and one of the first things that came to mind was using one (or two) in our pantry to put all of our non-refrigerated condiments on (like oil, vinegar, and hot sauce). I found a lazy susan that is 12″ round, the perfect size for our pantry shelves. You can find it here.


My girlfriends and I have been talking face masks lately and it made me realized I haven’t shared with you my FAVORITE face mask. I have combination skin, so its oily and dry. I also have been getting small red dots (not pimples necessarily, but still red and annoying) all over my forehead – I think my body is telling me to stop eating all.the.bad.cookies. This dead sea mud mask has been a game changer for me. It makes my face feel very well moisturized, while almost immediately reducing all of the redness from the bumps on my forehead. It’s a miracle worker. You can find this face mask here.


Have you seen Pantone’s new color of the year yet? It’s ultra violet, you can read about it here. This is not my person favorite shade of purple, but I am a fan of deeper darker shades of purple, or much lighter, pastel shades of purple. I read a blog post recently by Room for Tuesday where Sarah predicts the popular paint colors for 2018. I love’s Sarah’s blog, her style and design are spot on. So when I saw that a number of colors on her list are colors we either already have in our house or colors I plan to use for future rooms I knew I was onto to something good.


It has been sooo cold here in Kansas City recently! Our dog Susse does not like going out in the cold and I don’t blame her! You can usually find her under a blanket when she’s inside – spoiled is an understatement. Both of our dogs have sweaters they wear when it gets really cold, but I think my girl would love this coat. Maybe, just maybe it would keep her from shivering so much. Plus it’s so stinkin’ cute! For $20 I thought it was a pretty good deal! And it comes in other colors too, so of course I would have to get one for our other dog, Pete – can’t leave him out! I would do the red and gray one for him. You can find the jacket here.

I hope everyone stays with with all this crazy winter weather! Enjoy your weekend friends!

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