Friday 5 (vol. 10)

January 26, 2018

Welcome to The Friday 5 for this week where I share interior design ideas,  home decor inspiration, DIY, products I am loving, and organization tips and tricks… and really anything else as it comes to mind!

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I have been on the hunt for the perfect pillow for quite a while. As a person who has neck pain and tension induced migraines the right pillow can really make a difference. We always seem to buy pillows we thought were good quality, but get flattened way too quickly. I think I finally found the pillow. It was recommended by a good friend (and a bunch of you on Instagram!). It has shredded memory foam so it’s completely customizable, while providing the same support as a traditional memory foam pillow. It’s a little pricier than what I’d normally spend on a pillow, but I have been trying to remind myself this is something I use every night and if it helps the the headaches I would pay just about anything. I’ve only had it for about 3 weeks, but so far I love it. You can find the pillow here.


(source: unknown, via Chris Loves Julia)

Chris Loves Julia is in the process of designing their master bathroom renovation and I am all over each update they give because the inspiration they have found and the general layout of their future bathroom is very similar to what we hope to do when we tackle our bathroom. A walk-in shower, yes please. A separate toilet closet, most definitely. Plus a walk-in closet.


(source: Joseph Dirand, via: Amber Interiors)

I recently read Amber Interior’s 2018 kitchen design forecast. I love how Amber calls it a forecast, not design trends. When I am planning a space I may want to use a few items that are “trendy”, but I like for most things I am choosing to be on the classic side. Integrated sinks and counters and statement marble are potentially even items that could overlap with a bathroom remodel tool… it has my wheels turning for our master bathroom most definitely.


Gwen at The Makerista wrote a recent blog post about eating to feel good. It really hit home with me as I am trying to approach my health and well-being in a very similar manner to her. She gives a lot of good tips on how she keeps herself healthy and feeling good through food. I am going to have to make that green smoothie she recommends this weekend. 


One the topic of eating healthy Domino has an article about how to keep foods fresh longer. We hate wasting food just because it spoils. These tips are especially helpful when you are trying to eat healthy and buying a lot of produce.

Hope you all have a wonder weekend!

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