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November 30, 2017

If you missed it, earlier this week I posted our Christmas home tour, which you can check out here. Today I want to share a few products that are very similar to some of my Christmas décor pieces.

I think it’s important to build a base of décor for any holiday that you can use from year to year, adding in a new thing here or there as your tastes change and evolve, without busting your budget each year. The items below are what I consider staple items for a classic and modern Christmas look that you can use for years to come and can be easily mixed in with your existing items. All of these items are from Amazon. I like to shop small as often as possible, but sometime the convenience of something just showing up on more door step in two days can’t be beat.


We have white faux fur stockings that I snagged from HomeGoods on sale this. I love a collected look, but when it comes to certain items in my house they just have to match or my brain can’t handle it. Anyone else like this?? For me, stockings are one of those things. We have mismatched stockings we bought a few years ago that I do really love individually, but against our current fireplace with the dark brick they just were not working for me and looked way too busy for my personal taste. I could not find the exact stockings I bought, but below are two options that are similar in style (first one) and color (second one). The first is a brown/gray faux fur stocking and the second a white cable knit. Both equally pretty and would add a lot of texture to any mantle.

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Faux Fur Stocking

Cable Knit Stocking


For years I did not use an actual tree skirt, I would just use a scarf, throw blanket, or fabric remnant I already had on hand. I am all about DIYing whatever I can and using existing items around your house for holiday décor so I was by no means in a rush to buy a tree skirt, but when I came across a pretty one I loved for a good price I decided it was time. When I buy any holiday décor item that I know I will likely have for a while I try to stick to a neutral color so I can add in varying accent colors year to year. Below are two great tree skirt options that are both neutral and classic. I love the faux fur one (similar to the one we have) because it adds a level of coziness under your tree. The white basket tree collar is also a great option if you don’t have a lot of floor space , but don’t want your tree to be bare on the bottom. The tree collars also work nicely if you want to put a smaller tree up on a table as it can provide extra stability… say maybe if you have a mischievous pet who loves to hang out under the tree speaking from experience here.

Faux Fur Tree Skirt

White Tree Collar


I LOVE any type of greenery, especially fresh greenery that looks and smells so beautiful. However, faux and dried greenery (mainly wreaths and garland) can’t be beat in terms of being able to use it from year to year, and depending on the type of greenery, season to season. I am a big fan of faux boxwood wreaths. You can find good quality wreaths for pretty inexpensive. They are a great way to add color and texture to your holiday décor. My favorite this year has been to hang wreaths in unexpected places (i.e. not just the front door). We added a wreath to our hallway and our bookshelf in our living room and I think they are my favorite cheery touch.

Faux Boxwood Wreath

Dried Boxwood Wreath


Ribbon is a good way and inexpensive way to add a nod to the season around your house. I used ribbon to hang our wreaths in a modern way, tied a small piece of ribbon to each stocking, and even tied ribbon around a few of our decorative candle sticks. This shows festivity, without being over the top. Velvet ribbon feels lux and very Christmas-y to me. You could go with traditional holiday colors, or unexpected colors (like the black and light pink below) for a more modern approach. A good Christmas go to is always plaid ribbon. This is what I used because this year it is what I had in my stash, but if I was buying new I would definitely go for the velvet.

Black Velvet Ribbon

Pink Velvet Ribbon

Plaid Ribbon


I am a sucker for simple decorative holiday accents that I can add in with my normal, everyday décor.

I am exercising extreme self-control by not purchasing these adorable little houses right now! They would be so cute on a mantle, mixed in on a book shelf, or even on a dresser!

White Ceramic Houses

Brass Jingle Bells

Individual sleigh bells are a pretty way to show a nod to the Christmas season. I have a set that I display in a clear vase on our coffee table.


Similar to sleigh bells, pine cones are a great (and inexpensive… maybe free if you have pine trees in your area!) way to more subtly add décor for the season. I have a set of pinecones that I put in either a low bowl or a large clear vase (what I did this year).


Accent rugs are another item that can easily be swapped out from season to season, especially if you use a layered rug technique.

I have this buffalo check rug on my front porch layered underneath a smaller, natural fiber rug. The buffalo check is a pretty way to bring in winter colors. I initially got this for our fall front porch, which you can check our here, but it has transitioned so well to winter that I plan on keeping it out!

Buffalo Check Rug

I hope that was helpful! Happy holiday decorating!

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